In a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to find the best live chat software for your website. But since there are so many options available, you’re bound to find one that suits your needs.

A store owner has the opportunity to speak with customers who come in on a daily basis. Websites do not offer this same level of interaction.

There are a number of live chat tools that help you track visitors and what they do on your site such as live chat software for your website. Some brands have been successful with Facebook chatbots to handle customer service, which allows them to cut costs.

When you are at your computer, people might have questions about the product or service that they can’t find answers to. If someone has a question and there is no one available to answer it right away, chances of conversion decrease.

63% of customers are more likely to come back when they have the option for live chat.

Chat has become a standard feature on many websites, and can be used for customer support or in the process of making a purchase.

I’ve recently seen some great live chat campaigns that I wanted to share with you.

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Consider these 20 Live Chat Software For Your Website

When it comes to live chat tools for keeping in touch with customers, there are a few that stand out. They’re divided into categories based on their strengths so you can figure out which ones will work best. Here are the live chat software for your website.

1) Best Overall: Nextiva

Nextivas live chat software for your website, Nextiva Chat, is the best because it uses its proprietary operating system to gather customer data and put that information into use.

Nextiva’s chat tool is able to interact with website visitors because of its intelligent technology.

Top features

The best feature of this live chat software for your computer is the shortcuts that can be used by customer service operators to make their jobs easier. This allows them to save time and quickly convert chats into cases for future reference.

Chatting is not the only way to communicate with team members. You can also set when they are available, such as during a certain time of day or week.

The company has a chat tool that lets you see which employees are online and what they’re working on. This makes it easy to send messages about the latest project updates or any other important announcements.

One of the weaknesses with Nextiva Chat is that it doesnt include any reporting on website visitors and agent performance, but this will be changing soon.

BBB Rating: A+

Target Customer: Sales and customer service teams

The pricing for the product ranges from $10 to $35 per month, billed annually.

VoIP is the best way to save money on your phone bill. However, not all VoIP providers are created equal.

2) Best for 24/7 Availability: Bold360

Bold360 is a good option for automation.

LogMeIn, the company that owns Kayako website chat software has created a new app to help you manage your customer service. The artificial intelligence in this app will answer any questions and respond with realistic conversations while live agents are available during business hours.

Top features

Bold360 is the best customer service software for keeping existing customers happy, so it will help you retain more buyers than attract new ones. It also attaches to your email and messaging solutions to guide workers on how they can make sales conversations productive.

Self-service portals can be a drag, but Bold360 empowers teams to offer useful answers. The analytics program uses data from previous questions and searches in order to find the best answer for customers.

The Bold360 chatbot will not only answer your questions, but it can also route you to the appropriate representative if a question is too complex. You can use their knowledge bases and customer service manuals as an added resource for helping customers.

Bold360 is not as strong when it comes to powering customer interactions, which may make them better for customer service than anything else.

Businesses that want to know more about their customers should choose a platform with the focus on those areas.

Bold360 does not have a BBB rating, but its parent company LogMeIn has an A+

The customer service team is the target of this article.

The price for this service depends on the size of your deployment.

3) Best for Customer Support: Acquire

No matter how great the agent is, there will always be some level of friction when communicating with customers. If this becomes too much for them to handle and they can’t take it anymore, then you’ve lost a customer.

Acquire is a company that has come up with an integrated chat and co-browsing platform to try and reduce friction points like long handle times or abandoned conversations.

Top features

Agents should take into account the full customer experience when engaging with website visitors. This includes things like location, previous conversations and recently browsed pages to tailor your response.

Automation can be helpful in customer engagement because you are able to quickly solve problems and simplify the process.

Co-browsing is a new form of customer support that requires no download. The agent can see the screen live and take temporary control to help navigate customers through the website.

Acquire is a relatively new company, and they are updating their platform frequently. There have been reports that the constant changes can be hard to keep up with, but it also shows how much Acquire cares about its product.

BBB Rating: Not BBB Accredited

The best fit for this product is a salesperson in the financial or banking sector, an eCommerce company like, or someone who runs their own marketplace.

Price: Starts at $25 per month

4) Best for Multichannel Support: LiveAgent

If you have been looking for a the best live chat software for your website that integrates with more than one channel, LiveAgent is the best choice. This company offers Instagram and Viber integration as well as other helpful features.

Top features

LiveAgent has a variety of communication channels that can be viewed in one convenient dashboard. It doesnt matter if it’s email, live chat, phone or even social media and best free conversational marketing platforms like Facebook and Twitter- they are all connected.

Setting up LiveAgent is quick and easy, so you can focus on the important things. You dont need to install anything or read any complicated guides its browser-based with no installation required.

LiveAgent’s live chat feature is quick to set up and has been ranked as the fastest on the market. You can also choose from a selection of premade buttons or create your own.

LiveAgent is priced very reasonably and offers a variety of features for all types of businesses. The pricing plans are tailored to meet your needs, which you can also adjust if needed.

The visuals of the best chat software are a bit outdated and could use an update. This is not as big of a deal if you expect your help desk to be functional but also have good aesthetics.

Target Customer: Companies that provide customer service

Monthly price: $15 per month

5) Best for Lead Generation: Intercom

Intercom is a conversational relationship platform that allows companies to reach out and connect with their website visitors in order to get them interested in taking action. This technology plugs into the lead generation needs of sales teams.

Your sales team can interact with customers in real-time to answer their questions and help them find what they need.

Top features

One of the most powerful features about Intercom is that it can qualify leads for you. This system has even gone as far to schedule meetings and monitor all lead-capturing data. By integrating with Salesforce, your information will always be up-to-date across the board.

This live chat software for your website is designed to quickly qualify leads and then sends the qualified lead over to a salesperson that will be able to close the deal. The corresponding app alerts team members so they can act on it.

Weaknesses: Intercom Chat is built specifically for the needs of small businesses. As you grow, it may not be enough to rely on this chat tool as a sole means of communication with customers who have urgent requests.

BBB Rating: No rating

Target Customer: Sales teams

The price is $49 per month for the first year, which may be a good option if you are an early-stage company.

I have been using many different live chat tools to help me sell more, and I am going to share my favorite 32.

6) Best Free Chat Tool: PureChat

Businesses starting out should consider free options, like PureChat’s. The company offers a free version that includes unlimited live chat and unlimited users.

PureChat has a free version, but if you want to track visitors and have trigger-based alerts, then the pro version is what you need. The free Purechat also includes branding from them as well as an individual limit on how many contacts it will store.

Top features

PureChat provides a plugin that can be added to your website. This widget will allow you to create chat rooms with various features.

The free version of the chat on website software allows you to monitor all conversations and send pre-written responses. It also includes an admin dashboard.

One thing that may be a problem with this software is the free version. Its limited, which means you can only do so much before upgrading to paid service.

BBB Rating: No rating

Target customer: small startups on a budget

The pricing for this demo live chat software ranges from free to $239 per month.

7) Best for Inbound Teams: SnapEngage

Some sales teams spend the week cold calling to promote their products and what they can do for clients.

Many salespeople use incoming traffic as their main form of lead generation, working hard to convert those leads.

SnapEngage helps companies capture information and deliver it to the correct people.

Top features

In addition to the lead capture features, SnapEngage also has a customer support feature. If you use other live agent software like Zendesk or Help Scout for your help desk, then this is great because it connects with those.

Your team members can website sales chat with others in your organization while they are having video chat with customers. This means that you have unlimited simultaneous interactions.

When a help desk is overloaded with questions, it can be difficult to keep track of the customer’s issue. This often leads team members to ask each other for answers and wasting time while trying to find an answer.

The downside of SnapEngage is that it does not offer the ability to learn about your customers. For example, representatives will be unable to launch a chat session based on what they know about their customers interactions with your website.

BBB Rating: Not BBB accredited

I’ve found that teams inbound sales and marketing are the best fit for my current company because they have a very high work ethic.

Price: Starts at $99 per month

8) Best for Video and Audio Chat: ClickDesk

ClickDesk realizes that customers have a lot of options when it comes to contacting businesses. It offers a solution where the customer can choose from many different ways they want to contact you.

In addition to live website sales chat, ClickDesk also includes video and audio chats.

Top features

The browser phone can be used for audio chat in 40 different countries. The integrations with Skype and Google Talk will help you to meet customer preferences.

Representatives can decide when they want to be on video website sales chat and telephony.

It is really easy to set up the software, you just go online and start using it. There’s no installation required.

One of the biggest problems with ClickDesk is that it does not provide analytics. Basic information like location and browser type are available, but more detailed tracking data will need to be provided by you.

BBB Rating: No rating

One of the most recent changes I made was to make sure that there were options for teams who want video and audio streaming.

A website sales chat session is $14.99 per month, and free for up to 30 sessions

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9) Easiest to Use: Olark

Olark is the best way to communicate with your customers because it offers a clear, simple solution.

Employees will be able to access all the information they need on your company website, and every website sales chat can be found in a transcript.

Top features

Additionally, you can also search for instances where your competitor has been mentioned. For example, if you were interested in the word “Apple,” typing it into a Word or Google Docs document would bring up any references to Apple that have already been typed.

As a customer, you can use this widget to launch an instant chat with the company. The representative will be available for website sales chats at certain times and youll know when they are ready by looking out for that clock icon on your screen.

The limitations of Olark are that it does not have a customer blocking or transferring feature, and is missing some automation options.

BBB Rating: No rating

Target Customer:

One of the other things I learned is that a monthly fee doesn’t work for every type of salesperson. For example, agents who have high turnover might need to pay more in order to maintain their team.

10) Best for Agent Analytics: ZenDesk Chat

ZenDesk is a well-known customer support software company that has developed their website sales chat feature to work with other parts of the system.

Top features

One of the best features is its agent analytics. With these, you can see how productive each person has been and if they have completed any website sales chats.

You can also use this tool to identify areas where you need improvement and what you should be doing better for your customers.

When a customer is in the checkout process, you can offer assistance. If they initiate website sales chat themselves, then basic contact information will be inputted and surveys about their experience are asked.

One of the weaknesses about ZenDesk is that agents can go offline even when they are not idle.

BBB Rating: D-

The article talks about a business that is seeking to have large teams of agents.

Price: $14-$59 per agentmonth

11) Best for Limited Teams: WebsiteAlive

WebsiteAlive is a company that specializes in hiring live agents for your call center. Its not cheap, but it can be helpful when you are starting out.

You can set this up for someone to do during business hours or later in the evening if you want.

Top features

WebsiteAlive also offers award-winning live website sales chat software for your website that is accessible to your customers on the website. The form looks like a widget and asks for their name and email address so you can add them to your database.

You can also set up the website sales chat window to launch when certain triggers happen, such as if theyve visited a specific page.

Chat customers can now select the department they need assistance with, which will save your team time from having to redirect them.

The one downside to this product is that it can be a bit more expensive than other similar products. This highlights the fact that the software was designed for small, growing businesses.

BBB Rating: No rating

Target Customer: Businesses with an online presence

The first license is $30 per month, and the price for each additional license goes down by 20%.

12) Best for Conversational Marketing: Drift

Drift provides a website sales chat tool that allows you to have conversations with your potential customers. It makes it easier for them to buy from your business.

Drifts conversational marketing platform generates more qualified leads by connecting to your website and using bots. The company also helps you book meetings with potential customers.

Top features

Pop-up chat is a window that pops up on company websites to facilitate communication between the website visitor and designated company representatives.

Notifications can be sent to both the sender and receiver of a website sales chat.

Targeted Emails An automated email that is sent to an individual or group of people based on their interests and past behavior.

The Bot Builder is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent conversation flows for your website. It can be used in minutes.

Target Customer: Sales teams

For $50, you can get two agents per month.

13) Best for Boosting Sales:LiveChat

LiveChat is a reliable customer service platform that will help you increase your sales and please customers.

Customer service representatives are often swamped with customer inquiries, so live chat is a lifesaver. It can be used to find information quickly and efficiently.

The dashboard is also very user-friendly and allows you to organize your communication. It integrates with other software platforms, including Facebook, Shopify, Salesforce (etc).

Top Features

Chatbots are AI programs that allow you to communicate with your customers by sending links, calendars, files and canned responses. This provides an excellent way of communicating on your website.

There is a live chat function that allows you to see what the customer is typing before they send it. There are also an archive and tags for each conversation, which can be assigned by context.

Target Customer: Sales teams

For a small business, the Starter Pack is $16 per month and for home users it’s $8. The team size determines what you pay: Full-time support starts at about 33 dollars a month.

14) Best Free Chat Software:HubSpot Live Chat

The HubSpot Live Chat platform offers many advantages for a company that does not have the budget to use an expensive live chat system. You can offer support, convert leads into customers and close more deals by using this app. It also allows you to pass your customer inquiries onto other departments in order to better help them.

The platform allows you to customize your chat widget and have different welcome messages for various segments of the audience. This helps new visitors feel more at home on a website.

Top Features

HubSpot’s live chat software allows your customers to reach out and contact you with questions about their purchase.

The platform also saves chats in a conversations inbox. This is really helpful because the team can see every interaction with that contact on their timeline.

Additionally, HubSpot Live Chat software also features a chatbot builder that you can use for free without any coding. The feature helps you to create bots that can help with booking meetings and answering customer questions.

HubSpots CRM system and Slack are both integrated with the chatbot builder, so you can create more personalized messages for contacts based on information in their profile.

The target customer for this software is businesses that need live chat and are on a budget.

The price of live chat starts at $45 per month and is only limited to 1,000 contacts. The more expensive plans allow for up to 10,000 marketing contacts with prices ranging from $800-$3200.

15) Best for Teams of All Sizes:Social Intents

Social Intents is a live chat platform that can be used to provide exceptional customer service and has unlimited agents for different plans.

Social Intents allows you to chat with your website visitors from Microsoft Teams and Slack, as well as respond to live chats via these platforms. This makes it easier for potential customers who need help closing deals online.

Top Features

Social Intent’s live chat platform is a customizable solution that helps you to create customized conversations with different contacts. This allows for more personalized and productive interactions which leads to increased sales online.

The chatbot also allows you to send direct messages, make improvements and receive feedback from customers.

Target customers: Businesses that are willing to invest in a live chat platform and want the ability to use unlimited agents.

The 14-day free trial and 100% no risk guarantee should provide you with enough time to see if Social Intents is a good fit for your company.

  • The Starter plan is $29 per month and includes 150 chats, 3 agents maximum, etc.
  • The Basic plan offers unlimited agents, 2 chat widgets and other features for $49 a month.
  • The Pro plan costs $99 a month and includes unlimited agents, 2 website domains, etc.
  • The $199 per month business plan offers unlimited agents, 6000 chatsmonth and an unlimited number of domains.

16) Best for Various Devices:JivoChat

JivoChat is a live chat software that was developed in Asia and has been popularized by its use on over 300,000 websites.

The dashboard of this app is very modern and interactive. The chat tool comes in handy.

Top Features

JivoChat is available for both Windows and Mac computers, as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.

The live chat platform also offers an option for receiving phone calls, which can be answered by a third-party VoIP service.

JivoChat has a smart way of asking for contact information when the chat starts. It also integrates with Zapier and boasts automatic triggers that allow you to hide or show the widget depending on your needs.

The target customer for this product is businesses that are looking to increase their productivity without the need of a large IT staff.

JivoChat offers a free version and $13month pro plan that includes visitor information, automatic triggers, and canned responses.

17) Best for Multiple Languages: Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat is a new live chat platform that has gained popularity for its wide range of features. Although the company is still young, it already offers more options than LiveChat.

One of their plans is free and offers unlimited chats with up to three agents.

Top features

With Tidio Chat, you can easily send automated emails to your customers with a visual workflow that is similar to some of the most advanced newsletter live chat tools. This automation makes it easy for anyone on staff or outside help to be able do what would have taken days.

The live chat software also has mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, so you can keep in touch with your customers even when on the go.

The Tidio Chat application is an excellent choice for businesses with multiple languages because it has the most advanced multilingual chat setup available.

One thing that Tidio Chat needs to improve on is how you cannot stop a chat when another one has already started.

Small businesses are in need of a chat app that can support multiple languages, and Tidio Chat is an excellent choice for these types of companies. It has both free plans as well as paid ones.

Tidi Chat is free for up to three users. Add-ons include chatbots, which cost $18 per month and offer automatic triggers that are triggered when more than 5,000 visitors visit your site. You can also get a communicator at the same price as well as opening hours and visitor list information with an additional monthly fee of $10; it allows you to send unlimited letters via email.

18) Best for Live Chat in Europe: Userlike

Userlike is one of the most attractive website chat tools for people in Europe because it has its servers located there.

Top Features

Userlike is a live chat platform that stands out from the rest as it offers some of the best features. For example, Userlike lets you send visitors to your website’s help page after chatting with them and surveys users before and after chats.

It also offers chat automation or widget routers. You can connect with other communication channels such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp through the Unified Messaging options.

One of the best free live chat platforms is ChattyPeople. It comes with unlimited conversations and one widget for you to use, but if you need more features or want multiple operators then it will cost money.

Companies who are looking for live chat software that respects privacy laws will find the perfect match in this company.

Userlike offers three different plans: the free plan, which includes four widgets and agents; $90 for a team plan with 4 more widgets and 4 additional agents. The corporate package costs $290 that provides 10 resources of each type in addition to 20 total employees who can work on any project without time restrictions. Finally, there is an enterprise-level option at $720 per month.

19) Best for Analyzing Your Customers: Smartsupp

The Smartsupp live chat platform is a powerful tool that will help you understand your customers better. It enables companies to create and analyze customer data, build personas for each user type, and more.

To track which parts of your website are working well and which need more attention, you can use Google Analytics.

When you sign up for the PRO plan, Smartsupp offers a free shot of Slivovica.

The platform offers a free plan with unlimited agents and chats. The STANDARD subscription is needed to enjoy the visitor recordings feature.

Top Features

Smartsupp is a live chat software that has automated features like the ability to message visitors on your site and boost sales.

One of the best features is that you can still help your site visitors even when they are on-the-go. You just need to download their mobile app and chat with them through it.

With Smartsupp, you can send email updates to your customers as well as contact them through live chat and Facebook messenger. This is all possible from one convenient platform.

Data-driven companies target customers with insights into what they want and how to appeal to them.

Smartsupp live chat offers a free plan with unlimited chats and agents. The Standard Plan is $8 per agent monthly or yearly, while the PRO Plan costs $19 per month or year.

20) Best Live Chat for Online Stores: CHATRA.IO

CHATRA.IO is a live chat platform that will help you answer questions and solve customer problems in order to increase conversions for your website.

Top Features

The platform comes with a dashboard that is easy to use and includes the ability to manage messages. This means you can connect your inbox with Facebook so you don’t have to switch between browsers, which is convenient.

Plus, the dashboard gives you a list of visitors currently on your site. You can also find out where they came from and what they’ve been browsing so that when you greet them it’s more personal.

When you’re on the go, never miss a conversation with your website visitors. Live chat software allows for mobile app compatibility so that there is no interruption to communication when you are away from your desk.

The platform also supports 32 languages.

People who have just started using live chat software

Chantra offers a free plan that provides an unlimited chat history and can be used by up to 30 operators. It also has other plans, starting at $15 per operator.

Top Characteristics to Look for in the Best Live Chat Software Platforms

1) Real-time communication

When it comes to live chat software, the most important feature is that they offer real-time communication with your website visitors. This means when someone goes on your page, a pop up should appear inviting them into a conversation.

2) Easy to minimize

It should be easy to minimize for customers who want the window to act as a sales clerk would in retail stores. The window must greet and offer assistance.

3) End user ease of use

Software that is easy to use from the employee perspective will be a great help. This includes prompting agents when customers want chat or an agent reaches out for some reason.

4) Contextual support

The customer service representative can see the difficulty that a customer is having with their coupon code and then offer assistance.

5) 24/7 chat option

You need to have someone on hand at all times when you first launch the software. You can alternatively use a chatbot that is available 247 and will not be as personable but it will still keep your business running.

Need Help Automating Your Sales Prospecting Process?

LeadFuze gives you all the data you need to find ideal leads, including full contact information.

Go through a variety of filters to zero in on the leads you want to reach. This is crazy specific, but you could find all the people that match the following:Ā 

  • A company in the Financial Services or Banking industry
  • Who have more than 10 employees
  • That spend money on Adwords
  • Who use Hubspot
  • Who currently have job openings for marketing help
  • With the role of HR Manager
  • That has only been in this role for less than 1 year
Just to give you an idea. šŸ˜€
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