What are Lead Generation Quizzes?

Lead generation quizzes are very powerful lead magnets with an average conversion rate of about 50%.

Lead generation quizzes are very powerful lead magnets with an average conversion rate of about 50% Share on X

After you have successfully gotten the attention of your target audience, you need something to keep them around and engaged. Your objectives are to get their information, secure the deal, and keep potential customers around.

Therefore you have to give them the chance to tap in on something they can’t get anywhere else–the online quiz.

Results from the quiz are the hook you’re looking for in terms of an irresistible offer. Besides the fun they get in going through the process, you will also find out that finding out your results is what people really want, and exchanging an e-mail in order to get to the end result gives you what you’re looking for as well.

Online quizzes create two-way communication with customers. A study revealed that about 87% of marketers consider interactive content to be attention-grabbing as compared to static content. 

87% marketers consider interactive content to be attention-grabbing as compared to the static content Share on X

Why Quizzes Convert So Well

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Quizzes work fabulously well for lead generation because they give personalized and accurate results.

It is a known fact that people have different personalities and needs and they need different advice. All you need to do is to design a quiz that will collect information about buyers or prospects. These questions should be streamlined to focus on the possible needs, requirements and interests of your customers.

This is the primary purpose of quizzes, they give different results based on the answers the user gives. These results will guide you in improving your product/business quality. Also, it will help you create services and products that will serve or satisfy your customers better.

Quizzes work very well in lead generation because they’re fun and interactive. Anything that pulls your prospect in and causes them to take an action, stands a higher chance of a conversion.

How Quizzes For Lead Generation Work

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Every type of quiz for lead generation is designed for one goal: to collect users’ personal information.

Therefore they all share certain features in common which we call elements. It is the order in which the quiz is designed, arranged and delivered to the users.

These four elements are:

  • Start Page: This page is usually populated with one or two sentences that introduce the user to what the quiz will do
  • Actual Questions: This is usually set up to contain a minimum of five questions that are aimed at giving the user a piece of personalized advice. These questions could be more than five or even as high as 20 or more, depending on the goal.
  • A Form for Lead Capturing: This is a form designed for the users to supply their email addresses so that the results from the quiz can be sent there.
  • The Results and Offer Page – This is a page where the results are displayed for the users to see. Special offers that match the results can also be displayed on this page for the users too.

By the end of these four stages, you will realize that you have successfully collected the information you need from the users. And based on the results generated, you can proceed to the next stage of your lead generation strategy.


How To Use Quizzes For Effective Lead Generation

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In order to actually succeed in using quizzes to achieve effective lead generation, you need to make them both fun activities and incredible lead gen tools.

The following are a list of tactic or strategies you need to achieve your goal:

1Design Your Quiz

This is the ultimate first step to take in the process. During the design process, you must make sure that your quizzes are entertaining, informative and attractive enough to entice your visitors to complete them.

It must not be boring or too complex, as those types of quizzes will discourage your audience and ruin your lead generation goal.

So, how do you go about this?

Step 1. Find the Right Concept

Once your goals are set, you should make sure that the questions you want your users to answer are based on topics that relate to your brand.

Also, come up with fantastic ideas that will spark your visitors’ interest. 

Think of fun and at the same time interesting questions.

Lead Generation quiz sample

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Step 2. Leverage Your Opt-In Form

Bear in mind that not all of your quiz-takers may take action after receiving their results. Therefore, you need to take a step further to ensure that the majority of them will convert.

In order to achieve this, an online form should be included at the end of your quiz. Email capture forms are very suitable for the job.

Collecting the email address of your quiz takers in order for them to get their results is the best way to start.

Lead Generation Quiz Form

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Step 3.Ask the Right Questions

The questions you are going to ask are the most important aspect of your quiz. As a matter of fact, it directly affects the overall performance of your quiz.

You must avoid asking questions that are hard to interpret or understand. Make your questions as clear as possible. But be careful not to set questions that give away the result.

Also, take into account the impact your questions have on consumers. Haven put all these steps into proper consideration, you can proceed to create your questions in a way that will feel personal and interesting.

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2 Promote Your Quiz

Just like every other piece of content, quizzes need to be discoverable in order to work.

In order to increase your lead generation, you must take advantage of your converted quiz-takers and make your leads see why they need to be part of your company.

Your excited quiz-takers will talk about the quiz with their friends and family, and they too will pass the information on and on till a wide audience is finally reached.

You can increase the shareability of your quiz and boost lead gen by following the following steps:

Step 1. Write Compelling Results

People are known to have a natural inclination to share a piece of information if they find it super cool. They will even incentivize others to try it themselves.

When a Quizzes is well-crafted it is most likely to be shared.

So, writing compelling results must be your top priority to increase shareability. The more accurate you are, the more naturally inclined your quiz-takers will be to share them.

Lead Generation Quiz Results Sample

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Step 2. Include Social Share Buttons

Make sure that your copy and visuals will help you create incredible results that will improve your quiz’s shareability.

Make Use of a photo editing tool to edit your images as this will power up your quiz performance and give you better results.

Having done this, you must not forget to add social share buttons to your quiz. 

Adding social share buttons is allows your visitors to share their results on famous social media platforms. And this will help your quiz go viral and allow you to reach more leads.


Step 3. Leverage Your Lead Ads

Adoption and utilization of Paid campaigns have been on countless occasions to target a specific audience and get it to convert.

Social media and Google Ads are still the most renowned platform to turn to in order to increase brand awareness, engagement and lead generation.

When it comes down to quizzes it becomes a lot easier to take advantage of Facebook Ads by setting up a new lead ad campaign and target your audience.

Lead ads can benefit tremendously from quizzes. Therefore, if you really want to target your Facebook audience and engage with it, create a quiz that will be less promotional and more informative.


3Generate and Nurture Quiz Leads

To create a quiz is easy and fun. But, the difficult part is what you must do after your audience has completed your quiz.

Lead generation is one of the most vital tactics to get your business to higher heights. And you need to boost it with the following solid post-quiz strategy to ensure that your lead gen efforts work.


Step 1. Send an Email Follow-up Sequence with Their Results

After doing a great job to capture your quiz-takers’ email addresses you have to target them with the right post-quiz messages. This is a must if you want to increase your lead gen and nurture your prospects

Be it their results or other campaigns, you must ensure to keep in touch with your audience as this step is essential to establish a relationship and get to know them.

Setting up an Email marketing automation can be of immense help in getting the job done.

Sending results via email to your quiz-takers will let you engage them further instead of displaying their results on your website.

This step will open up an opportunity for you to redirect your leads to a new page on your website and offer them an irresistible CTA to click on.


Step 2. Nurture Your Audience with Personalized Messages

At the end of the entire quiz taking process, you will have acquired a variety of information that will help you target your audience more effectively.

By using the data you were provided with, you can proceed to create personalized campaigns much easier and with specific recommendations for each quiz-taker.

In order to achieve this, you should set up personalized campaigns for every quiz-taker. Since you already know what your audience likes, this information will help you nurture it properly with the right type of messages and offers. 

The relevance of your content is very important.

The more relevant your content is, the better you will incentivize your quiz-takers to check out your brand, browse your website and, ultimately, buy your products or services.


Types Of Quizzes For Lead Generation

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Here are the most popular quiz types:

1. Personality Quiz

This is in fact the most popular type of quiz of them all. The personality quiz roots into two fundamental principles of human psychology which are:

  • Confirmation bias principle: Our tendency to support information that confirms our assumptions. These quizzes tend to confirm perceptions that we already have about ourselves. Such as, who we are and why we like the things we like.
  • Curiosity about ourselves principle: This focuses more on understanding one’s self. 

2. ‘Do You Have What It Takes …..?’ Quiz

This kind of quiz measures the quiz taker’s capability, strengths and weaknesses.

3. ‘What’s The Best ……For You?’ Quiz

This quiz is aimed at finding out the quiz taker’s interests, desires and dislikes. It seeks to find out their deepest fantasies:

4. Business Assessment Quiz

This is more on the business side and brand-oriented type of quiz. What type of business you’re more likely to have and so on.

5. Health Assessment Quiz

This focuses on the quiz takers’ health and lifestyle desires, choices and goals. Companies that specialize in health services and health products will find this type of quiz very useful.

How To Create Quizzes That Convert Leads

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Quizzes can become effective lead magnets if used properly. Quizzes are supposed to be designed in a manner that will create interest in your brand to attract more visitors to your page.

It is during your interaction with these new people that you would be able to grow your email marketing list and drive traffic to your blog.

Here are a few steps on how to go about quiz creation:

Step 1: Be Distinct

Since quizzes get 75% of their traffic from social media, you need to stand out to be able to get good traction with your audience.

  • Make use of a quiz title template
  • Make use of a cover photo with a person featured on it
  • Make use of a short description that will sell your brand
quizzes get 75% of their traffic from social media Share on X

Step 2: Create Interesting Questions to Engage your Audience

Utilize this medium to establish a conversation with your visitors in a way that is fairly close to a real interaction. This means you should speak like a human and use pictures.

Here are a few simple rules to follow to achieve this:

  • Be Sure To Speak Like a Human – Quizzes are designed as a one on one medium. In this case, you are only talking to one person at a time, not a group when you create your quizzes. You must make sure you sound like yourself when you communicate or else you might forfeit the advantages of a one-to-one channel.
  • Make Use of Pictures – The good quality online quizzes will have at least one question with an image, sometimes they even contain an image for every answer.

So, take note that pictures make your quiz feel more like a game. This gets people engaged and lowers their guard in order to make them more likely to opt-in to your brand at the end of your quiz.

When preparing your questions and answers, keep them short. Don’t be tempted to have more than 6 answers per question.

Also, make sure that your quiz doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to take. And It’s also important to make your quiz simple.


Step 3: Create an Opt-In Form

You can achieve this by:

  • Providing Value Beyond the Quiz Results: This could be in form of personalized advice or a giveaway in the quiz.
  • Be Honest About What You’re Going to Send: You must be honest about how often you’re going to email people or what you will be sending them and they will, in turn, be honest about whether or not they want to be on your email list.

Step 4: Exciting Quiz Results

You must make sure that your result page has an attention-grabbing image, headline and a properly written description. This will make your quiz-taker feel good and optimistic about taking the quiz.

You can achieve this by following the following simple rules:

  • Be truthful and uplifting
  • Use images that are likely to be shared among new audiences
  • Have a call-to-action

Step 5: Get Shared

After you give your quiz taker the big reveal, you’ll want to give them a way to share it with their friends. This can be achieved by:

  • Making sure your titles are share-friendly. You should try to write result titles that mesh well with your quiz title for the best results on social media.
  • Using images of people again. Pictures of people will give you the best results. Make sure to use image optimization guides to make sure your pictures do their job properly.
  • Including personalized links for each result. These personalized links will tell the person taking your test to click on the link for a reason directly related to who they are. Personalized links get clicked on an average of 42% more over non-personalized links. Take advantage of the information you have just collected about your audience and continue to utilize them in the conversation with them in a setting that is unique to their quiz outcome.

Step 6: Evaluate Your Results

Your quiz completion percentage will vary based on your industry, but it is still reasonable to expect an 80% completion average.

If your completion percentage is lower than that then it may mean that your quiz isn’t providing enough value or people are losing interest before they even get to the end. 

It is therefore very important to make sure that your quiz isn’t too long.

Have a second look at your content and ask yourself, is it valuable and entertaining?

It is expected that your quiz should have an average of 5% for your conversion rate. But if your conversion rate isn’t at the expected or desired level you need it to be, then check your incentive.

You should make your incentive more appealing to get more people involved. If your social media quiz was properly done and implemented, your email marketing list will definitely grow.

Reviews of the Best Quiz Making Tools

Lead generation quizzes

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Below is a compiled list of different the best quiz building tools with which anyone can easily create and publish an online quiz.

1. Revision Quiz Maker

This is an online tool for designing course-specific quizzes. It works on desktops, smartphones and tablets.

This tool allows you to design various types of quizzes, such as multiple-choice questions, matching questions and fill-in-the-blank questions.

It also has features that allow you to share quizzes with others through Facebook, custom URL, or e-mail.

You can also embed images in quizzes. You can see scores in real-time and also play quizzes posted by other community members for free.

2) Quizinator

This is a robust web-based tool for building interactive quizzes. It can also be used to design question sets, study sheets and more. 

Quizinator is ideal for educators because it allows saving the various educational resources, such as lecture plans, study notes, exams. Even images and videos can be saved in one place as well as creation a public link for any documents.

You can insert electrical circuit diagrams, graphs, chemical symbols, maps, and geometrical figures in quizzes.

This tool also offers modern features, such as performance tracking showing chart reports, setting time duration, building custom content libraries and lots more features.

3. All The Tests

This one serves as an online platform for exploring and playing a variety of quizzes in categories. These categories include career, personality traits, health, music, games and more.

All The Tests also allows you to create various personality tests, IQ tests, true or false quizzes, multiple-choice quizzes and selection quizzes.

4. Testmoz

Testmoz is an online test generator that is suitable for students as well as working professionals.

This tool allows you to design four types of quizzes like true/false, multiple responses, fill-in-the-blanks and multiple-choice quizzes.

Testmoz provides users with other useful features, such as generating quiz URLs, generating score reports and also the ability to set password protection.

5. Play Buzz

This is an advanced, online application used for creating quizzes and polls in a variety of formats.

The formats supported by this tool include countdown lists, swiper tests, personality quizzes, gallery quizzes and flip cards.

Play Buzz also allows you to publish and embed quizzes into websites and blog posts. It also allows sharing quizzes online with others through various mediums.

6. Class Marker

This is a modern online test creation tool best suited for educators and business professionals.

It s premium plans are equipped for creating tests for online courses, e-learning, essays, distance learning tests, practice tests, aptitude tests and more.

This software also offers other useful benefits, such as public/private test access, custom test settings, time duration, custom certificates and test integration into websites.

7. Flexi Quiz

Flexi Quiz is an online quiz building tool specially designed for business owners, teachers and social media users.

This tool allows setting time duration for the tests. It also supports public/private test sharing options, review features for respondents.

You can also set up an automatic grading function and generation of analysis reports.

8. Speed Exam

Speed Exam is also an online exam software application with a lot of modern features embedded.

The application allows you to track the activities of candidates in real-time by providing a live-coverage of an examination.

It also allows you to reveal important details about each candidate, such as status, location etc.

It also allows you to send personalized emails and SMSs from admin accounts. You can as well create a video, audio and scenario-based questions.

You can perform detailed analysis and reports and as well use cloud-storage facilities and more.

9. GoConqr

GoConqr is a quiz building tool that boasts of superb features for creating questions for various subjects, like Science, Algebra, Geography and Physics.

You can also make use of the various built-in tools, such as flashcards, mind maps slide tools and notes to make quizzes more interesting and interactive.

10. Qzzr

This is a robust quiz tool that can be used for creating, publishing and sharing trivia quizzes.

It also has built-in features for adding labels, promotion cards and other marketing resources that can be used to drive online and social media traffic for lead generation and positive conversion.

Qzzr is suitable for content marketers and professional bloggers to attract audiences. It also provides features, such as the insertion of texts, images and animated GIFs.

It supports multiple languages and integration with WordPress.


Creating quizzes is one of the great ways to generate leads for your brand.

If you leverage your quizzes properly you are certain to end up with an all-powerful lead generation tool that will is cost-effective and easy to master and will also give you a significant amount of data to power up your marketing campaigns.

You also have to know the type of quiz that fits your strategy best in order to increase your leads. And with the right tactics and tools, you will definitely achieve your goal.

It’s a fact that people always look for fun ways to pass their time and discover something new about themselves. Therefore, when you give them an amazing quiz it will simultaneously satisfy their needs and also help you grow your business beyond expectations.

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