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Outsourcing lead generation has never been easier.

Getting early wins for new clients can be a challenge. Outsourcing lead generation can help supplement early leads while marketing results take shape.

If you could just outsource it all to another company, that would free you (and your staff) up to take on extra clients, work more on marketing, and hire more skilled workers. Paying someone a full-time wage to fill your clients’ funnels may not even be an option for smaller agencies.

Not being able to generate leads consistently is the number one reason small businesses don’t scale.

I’m a big fan of word of mouth and referral marketing, but sometimes you’ve just got to go out and find clients. After all, how many referrals are you or your clients getting next month?

outsourcing lead generation

We may have found created the solution to outsourcing lead generation. And we’re certain it’s the only one of its kind on the market. This post is to explain exactly how LeadFuze (with the help of Fuzebot) can bring your clients fresh leads on a consistent basis.

We’ll open up the curtain and allow you to see how our program works and everything we do to ensure the success of our clients (and yours).

If that sounds interesting, read on.

Emails that never get sent close no deals.” — The folks at Close.io

How LeadFuze Helps You Outsource Lead Generation

To begin, we’ll go into a bit of detail about just how we automate things.

Next, we’ll show how you can use this for your clients by getting into the logistics of what things may look like.

Finally, we’ll wrap up in the comments where our team can answer any questions you may have about outsourcing lead generation with the new LeadFuze.

Finding Leads (Meet Fuzebot)

A few weeks ago, there were two ways to get a mass of contacts to reach out to via cold email.

  1. Build the list yourself by researching and using tools.
  2. Buy a list and hope that the leads still have the same job/email.

If you must do one of these things, we whole-heartedly ask you to build your own list using research-backed data and a good ideal client profile (but you probably already know that).

Doing this could be what your clients are paying you for, right?

What if you didn’t have to spend all that time building lists of leads for your B2B clients?

What if the traits of those buyer personas could be put into an artificially intelligent web-based app that pulls contact data with those exact traits?

And what if it did it every. single. day.? Meet Fuzebot.

He’s smart enough to use the firmographic data that you and your clients use to qualify leads and put them on your list without your help.

He’s kinda like a terminator, except instead of terminating people, he sends them a cold email. Consider him a friendly, AI sales assistant.

Here are the categories that you can use to narrow down the search results in the software and give Fuzebot the data he needs to find leads.

  • Industry: Maybe your agency only targets companies in a certain niche, or your B2B clients may find it easier to close deals with a particular space.
  • Role: Are you looking for the person in charge of marketing, HR, or just the founder? All of these titles and more can be targeted.
  • Employee Size: There is typically a sweet spot in terms of size for every B2B product. If you’ve found your number, you can have Fuzebot only pull those leads.
  • Geographic (City, State, Region): Choose the locations where you want us to find leads and we’ll do the rest; every day filling your pipeline with new leads (and sending them your cold emails).
outsourcing lead generation

Every email that Fuzebot brings you is double-verified, so you won’t have to worry about quality.

Depending on how many leads you have, a certain number of cold emails will go out each day. If they don’t respond, we suggest having 4-5 follow ups in the bank to be automatically sent by our bot friend (we have great templates and offer help in putting your entire email sequence together).

Once someone replies, emails are automatically stopped to avoid embarrassment.

And Fuzebot is like a ninja, meaning your leads will never know we were involved.

Setting Up the Cold Emails (Meet Our Skilled Email Copy Team)

You’re probably pretty good at writing copy, but if you need help, our Automate and Dominate plans include the services of our skilled team.

Plenty of emails have been sent from the LF headquarters and we’ve learned a ton about getting responses. Fuzebot isn’t quite ready to help with that… yet.

But our team is excited to get your emails opened and read.

outsourcing lead generation

Here are a few posts we’ve written on the subject of getting responses

Getting Responses (Meet Your Warm Leads)

Just so we make this service abundantly clear: After you set up your ideal client profiles and get your cold email sequences in order — new leads will be emailed for you. Without your direct involvement at all.

And you can set this up for everyone of your B2B clients!

Of course, you’ll have to tweak here and test there.

That said, you won’t have to search for contacts, buy lists, or even send the emails.

You start your part when a cold lead has been warmed up by the email. Click To Tweet

They already want to talk to you.

If you want the process visualized and boiled down into a two-minute video. Here ya go!

Logistics for Your Clients

Hopefully, we’ve gotten you excited about the potential of outsourcing lead generation using LeadFuze (and Fuzebot).

Although, you could be wondering how your current and future clients can be brought onboard to use the service. The best part? They never have to know we’re involved!

Let’s go over the details:

Set Up a Separate Domain

We recommend setting up a separate domain (like the .net or .co version of their clients domain) or asking them to setup a specific email account on their server for this purpose.

Ideally, some sort of derivative of the person who they will end up speaking with.

So if they have first.last maybe just create firstlast with no period to do the email sending. This can keep everything separate and allow you to keep track of all the metrics that will improve over time.

Set Up Separate Accounts

Each client would have their own user account in LeadFuze on an Automate or Dominate level.

At these levels, you gain access to our email expertise (just another thing we can help you with). We help write your clients emails and send them to their cold leads. They get the warm contacts, you get the credit, and we do the work.

Sounds good, right?

Input the Data

Set up the client’s ideal customer and save that as a Persona (takes less than a minute if you have the persona already).

Fuzebot will build the list automatically.

Then use our cold email frameworks that we coach you on for getting your client’s email sequences together.

Just connect the email account so it looks like it’s coming from the client and not from you or us.

Once it's all set up, it'll run like they have a lead gen team. Click To Tweet

Reroute the Incoming Mail

Set up the inbox to either forward everything to the client’s inbox, or you can have one centralized inbox where all leads get forwarded and someone on your team can then forward along accordingly (making it look like you’re raining leads on your clients).

Just make sure it is the positive responses can get forwarded to your client so they can take over the conversation.

Stopping Cold Emails

LeadFuze automatically stops following up with leads when we detect a response.

So there’s nothing to worry about there.

Ongoing Maintenance

Then Fuzebot inside of LeadFuze automatically builds all your lists day after day, month after month. You no longer need an army of virtual assistants to pull this off.

The contacts are gathered and the emails are sent.

This is something we used to charge thousands of dollars for, and now have 100% automated.

Why You May Want LeadFuze for Your Agency

If your agency doesn’t offer lead gen, this can be a nice service add-on to your existing efforts.

You may be thinking, “We do inbound. Why would we offer outbound services?”

Even though you do your best to explain that the results of inbound aren’t immediate, clients get inpatient. If you’ve been in the game long enough, you may have had clients leave at the three month mark because they weren’t number one in Google for “Chiropractor”.

We’ve all dealt with those “gems”.

Anyway, using LeadFuze is a perfect solution to start using for new clients. It’s the equivalent of instant gratification.

They don’t need to wait for SEO, content, or even marketing to start kicking in before seeing results.

Outsourcing lead generation using LeadFuze (with the help of Fuzebot) can supplement those inbound efforts and give you a more immediate win, increasing retention and customer success.

Of course, you'll always need to change or add personas and test everything. Click To Tweet

But can you imagine what outsourcing lead generation could do for your time, resources, and business? We understand that this is a big change, and even with the seemingly great benefits, it would be part of your business.

If you have any questions about outsourcing lead generation, feel free to check out LeadFuze!

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