Do you want to improve your sales ability? I’ve put together a list of top sales influencers in 2016 that can actively shape the way you sell and market your business.

Our goal here is to provide a resource of smart people giving actionable advice. I encourage you to sign up for their email list, listen to their podcasts, and consume some of the videos.

Even if you don’t particularly like the idea of “sales”, you need to be able to communicate effectively. These resources will help you develop the required skills.Sales Influencers

Top Sales Influencers in 2016

Steli ( is a streamlined sales platform that helps you close more deals. Steli’s blog is PACKED with tips for selling to the increasingly advanced buyers of 2016. We are considering using ourselves!

How to ask powerful questions (that don’t ANNOY people)!

Jill Konrath  (Jill

Jill Konrath is a sales accelerator. Her landmark book, SNAP Selling, teaches you exactly how to engineer effective questions in your sales process.

Her LinkedIn strategies work:


Damian Thompson (LeadFuze)

Damian and his team work intimately with small businesses to build scalable, repeatable, profitable sales & marketing funnels. He has a podcast to share some of his best secrets. In addition, our founder (Justin McGill) is going through his sales coaching program now.

UPDATE: Damian now heads the LeadFuze sales department! 


His philosophy:
GAIN new customers faster
RETAIN existing clients longer
OBTAIN market leadership through Sales & Inbound and Outbound Lead Generation.

Aaron Ross (Predictable Revenue)

Aaron Ross helped to build the dynamic sales machine at If you have not read his book Predictable Revenue, download it today. You will learn things that will IMMEDIATELY make you money.

If you are in the process of building a sales team, make sure you read his (free) curriculum.

Create predictable, scalable sales revenue:


It’s easy to get lost in other areas of your business. But sales are CRITICAL. Even if some of the material is stuff you’ve seen before, it’s good to be reminded of new and innovative ways to Always Be Improving your sales process.