When LeadFuze started as a company, we were a done-for-you service. I had some sloppy software that was hacked together to pull in a bunch of contact emails off websites based on their location.

I would run queries to pull in the companies, filter those results and remove duplicates, and get those ready to email.

Then we offered to write the cold emails, setup a separate email account to do email sending and follow-ups, and then forward those leads to customers.

It was completely hands off for customers. They just had to take over the sales conversation with people that were interested.

Well now, we’ve managed to automate the entire process. No work involved!


Meet Fuzebot

We’re excited to share with you something we’ve been working on for nearly 9 months.

Today is the day Fuzebot is born!

Fuzebot is your A.I. powered sales assistant that does all the grunt work for you.

It was a laborious journey to get here, but I think you’ll agree – it was worth the wait.

Software, and artificial intelligence, is eating the world. It’s not a bad thing!

I mean really, who wants to spend time prospecting, researching, and building a list of leads?

We want our customers focused on having more qualified sales conversations with prospects so they can spend more time doing what they’re good at.

The Specifics of This Update

Here’s a quick video recapping what Fuzebot means for your lead generation efforts:


So what does this mean exactly?

For starters, you’ll never have to spend time prospecting again. That’s right, you can run a search for people that resemble your favorite customer and then Fuzebot automatically adds the leads that match that criteria to your list…

day after day…

month after month…

It’s 100% automated!

No more looking at search results and going one at a time and looking for the one’s to add. This does it all for you. After saving the persona your job is done.

Fuzebot is just going to get smarter and smarter as he gets older as well.

Next, those leads have been fully verified and now have 98% deliverability. No more 80% deliverability (which is industry norm).

We’re excited about what you’ll be able to accomplish now that you’ll never have to actually log into the tool to work on building your list.

That’s right… we’re now a software company that runs in the background like a utility. Just get fresh sales opportunities right in your inbox. We don’t even want you to have to log in once you’re set up!

In addition, you are no longer violating LinkedIn’s terms of service since we are removing the extension overlay. We have worked with them to ensure our users are not violating their terms of service.

We get our information from all kinds of third party providers and websites now and our data sources will always be expanding.

There are millions of records to pull from and we’ll be adding new records every week.

Do You Currently Offer Leads to Customers?

For demand generation and marketing companies, this update means you could theoretically offer our old done-for-you service without ever needing to lift a finger.

List building is done for you, emails and follow-ups go out automatically. Just connect an email account and you’re good to go. This is great for marketing agencies and service providers that are trying to offer their customers more leads.

Some owners are using virtual assistants to try and track down leads. This replaces that need.

Salespeople don’t need to spend time building lists. They can focus on having more sales conversations and using their time on other lead generation strategies.

Check it Out in Action

Already a LeadFuze customer? Here’s what’s different. You can login here and run a new search.

Haven’t yet tried LeadFuze? Find your leads now and watch the demo video inside the app!

We’ll be making bug fixes and improvements in the coming days and weeks. You’ll start seeing more new features in a quicker amount of time now that this monumental update is in place.

Happy Hunting!