Lead generation in Australia can be very challenging for business owners if the most effective processes and strategies are not used.

Australia is a rich country with a growing economy which recorded GDP growth of 2.9% as of 2017. Australia’s GDP in the is Services sector is 62.7%, while that of the Manufacturing sector is 5.8%.

The statistics show that a significant amount of the economic boom in Australia’s business is from their service sector. This means that many new companies keep entering that sector each year.

The second-highest economic boom is seen in the Manufacturing sector showing that lots of manufacturing industries are making their way into the nation’s economy each year as well.

There will be a natural rise in competition among all these new companies coming in and making their stay in the nation’s economy.

This increase in competition will make the companies and industries set competitive prices and have a very little margin for error while striving to stay profitable in the process. And this is where lead generation strategy comes into play.

Lead Generation

As a company offering services of different sorts or manufacturing industry, your primary goal is to make sales. Every sale making journey must start with identifying and attracting potential customers which are Leads.

These leads are then reviewed and, if they fit a target buyer Persona they become Prospects. When these Prospects make a purchase, they are converted to customers. Therefore, lead generation is the process of finding the right people that will someday become customers.

The lead generation process requires that the business has a unique selling proposition, design, have a good understanding of consumer psychology, and use a clear CTA’s (call to action) to collect information and engage the prospects.

Lead Generation Process

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Business owners in Australia can become easily overwhelmed with all the tactics on how to reach buyers today. However, to become successful in lead generation, it boils down to just two main things, which are:

1. Have Detailed Information And Understanding Of Your Audience.

Having a deep understanding of your buyer personas allow marketers to easily and successfully craft strategies to promote products and services to the right people who might buy them.

Your buyer’s persona helps gain a deep understanding of what your customers really need, how they research a solution like yours, and how their decision to buy or not to buy from you is made.

Leveraging your buyers’ persona will give you a fair advantage over your competition. Here are a few insights on how to truly have a perfect understanding of your potential buyer

  • Try to understand what pushes your buyer to search for a new solution.
  • Find out what your buyers want or need from your solution.
  • Know what could give your buyer second thoughts about your solution.
  • Know what is most important to your buyer when it comes to choosing a solution.
  • How your buyer makes a decision to choose a solution and who are the other people involved in this process.

These listed process of developing buyer personas actually takes a lot of time, research and will involve interviews with those who fit your persona profile. But the payoff is totally worth it because, in the end, your product and business development will be improved.

Your marketing, sales, and customer service will be better informed, and they will be properly aligned to generate more happy customers and earn your business profitable growth.

2. Have An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

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After you have fully understood your buyer, the next step is to decide what content marketing strategy will be appropriate to successfully connect with them.

Content marketing strategy simply outlines your key business and customer needs. And it details your plan for using contents to address them.

In order to prepare an effective content marketing strategy, it should include the following elements

i. Your business reason for innovating with content marketing: This involves communicating your reasons for creating content, the risks, and your vision of success. The outcome of this process can earn you executive support for your strategy as you figure out what works best for your business.

ii. Your business plan for content marketing: This includes your goals for your content program, the value you hope to provide through your content, and your business model details. It should also indicate the obstacles and opportunities you are likely to encounter while executing your plan.

iii. Your content maps and Personas: This includes the description of specific audiences for whom you will create content, their needs, and what kind of content they are interested in. Also, map out the content you can deliver throughout their buyer’s journey so as to move them closer to their goals.

iv. Your brand story: Here, you are required to categorize the ideas and messages you want to communicate and how those messages differ from your competitors’.

v. Your content delivery channel: This includes the platforms you will use to deliver your content, your criteria, the processes, your objectives for each one, and how you intend to connect them to create a cohesive brand conversation.

How to Generate Leads for Your Business in Australia

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1. Optimize your web pages for better conversions

Since you have opted for generating leads online, you must start with having a website. Then optimize your website to make visitors take an action of some sort.

Remember that in lead generation, you are actually trying to capture a prospect’s information, such as their name, phone number, email address, and other attributes that will qualify them and that will aid your selling process.

2. Run a Periodical contest or giveaway

Running a contest and giveaway periodically can generate a ton of email and social leads for your business in a short period of time.

To achieve this, your brand will offer a prize in exchange for participants to refer their friends, like your social media profiles, and share your online content. 

You even set the prize/reward types as well as the actions that are needed to collect points, which could be from sharing content, tagging their friends, referrals, etc.

3. Engage with leads directly

Make sure to prioritize direct customer engagement. by making use of live chats, discussion boards, and help centers.

Customer service representatives use these platforms and features on your website to ensure proper and prompt handling of queries.

4. Utilize both outbound & inbound marketing

Statistics showed that outbound marketing is more effective than inbound marketing. But, it makes more sense to apply both approaches r as this will be helpful in generating leads and eventually your business.

On the inbound aspect, use personalized emails to communicate with your prospects and be active in online communities by posting informative content regularly.

Also, make sure to use online platforms to effectively solve common customers’ problems. Doing these will help you establish healthy relationships with customers and help to build more quality leads.

5. Utilize new technology

New technology normally sets the trend in the market. Today, most people access websites and their mail through smartphones or tablets.

This means that you should consider designing your website to be compatible with these devices. Investing in making your content compatible with the newly trending technology allows you to reach the maximum amount of customers and boost your sales in the long run.

6. Make use of Twitter to Find Leads

Twitter is more than just a social networking website, it is also a good source of finding potential leads for your company.

Using the tool called Followerwonk, you can analyze different aspects such as information about followers, the time your follower tweet, and other parameters to reach the audience that is associated with your niche.

7. Develop informative content

Contents is a great source of web traffic generation and can earn you a lot of leads in the long run. Most especially when the contents are very informative and they are quite appealing to your target audience.

High-quality content attracts traffic to your website and can be very useful in promoting your brand’s credibility and recognition.

Make sure you make your content very rich by adding media such as images, videos, and infographics.

Use images in your Tweets as they make things more interesting and engaging to your customers. Also, use hashtags to make your content easier to find.

8. Adopt using databases

There are some platforms such as Data.Com which is a huge database where you can find potential leads for your business.

These platforms maintain a list of companies with accurate contact information. and save you time in identifying relevant leads.

9. Market through LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just only a good choice for B2B marketers it is the best with a conversion rate much higher and the cost per lead is much lower when compared to other advertising networks.

LinkedIn is enabled with a lot of tools to find leads for free, and a couple of tools that make the leads finding process easy.

It is a platform for bringing new clients to your business and also allows users to publish content to an already engaged audience.

10. Automate your marketing

LeadFuze is an application that offers marketing automation through the form of email marketing and a lot of other fantastic features. This tool helps you to collect the information of your prospective customers and turn them into genuine leads by automation.

11. Participate actively on Quora

You should consider answering questions on Quora which is a Question & Answer based social networking site that has millions of people from different demographics who post daily questions.

By answering enough questions that are asked by other users, they will spot your profile and the chances of checking out your website is high.

12. Comment on other blogs posts

Writing comments on your own blog posts or other blog sites can be very helpful in getting your name out there and can help you eventually generate leads.

14. Engage in Guest Blogging

Be a guest blogger whenever the opportunity pops up. Guest blogging is the process of contributing to another person’s blog site. Engaging in guest blogging exposes you and makes your brand business visible and grants you access to a whole new set of audiences.

15. Your signature is Important

Make sure your email signature contains an embedded link that redirects the reader to other relevant content on your site or social network platforms. By integrating web-links, you will increase the chance of maximum web traffic flow to your content.

You can achieve this more effectively by implementing HTML coding in your emails. But make sure to test it and make it responsive to all the platforms.

16. Attend Conferences And Participate in Events

You can drastically expand your brand visibility and reputation by attending and participating actively in Conferences and other business events.

You are certain to find a large number of people who fit your ideal customer description when you attend national or international conferences,

Also when you participate in the events possibly by sponsoring an event, it increases your brand exposure.

17. Create a Mobile App for your business.

People spend more time on game apps rather than reading blogs. People also prefer to access resources via mobile apps rather than having to type in URL addresses into web browsers.

This means that you can invest in developing a game app and use that to bring leads to your business. Or develop a mobile app version of your website which will serve as a central spot for all your business resources. A typical example of this is the mobile e-commerce app used by so many businesses and companies today

It might be quite expensive especially if you are offering the app for free, but the consolation comes from the fact that it will definitely boost your marketing efforts and yield sales in the end.

17. Participate in discussion boards

Forums or discussion boards are the perfect platforms to get to know your customers more intimately. Participate actively in forums, share your views with the members, and answer their questions in order to build their confidence in you or your company.

18. Interview influencers

Build a relationship with reputable influencers who your customers respect and set up an interview with them for your blog or social channels.

The interview doesn’t have to be boring and lenghty. Make it very objective, informative, and interesting by asking short questions and ask them to talk about your product.

Your potential customers who follow up on your blog posts or social media posts will see this as proof of your credibility and chances of attracting new genuine leads will be increased.

19. Make Use of Social Media Ads

Advertise your business and products through social media platforms like Facebook. Doing so enhances your ability to target very specific parameters with your ads.

It also helps to boost your brand visibility and recognition by leading viewers to the next logical step which could be registering for a webinar, liking a page, or even to take advantage of a sale.

20. Share videos on YouTube

YouTube is a massive search engine with functions that goes beyond mere video hosting. Unlike other social networking platforms, all videos posted on Youtube remain there for a very long time making it the best platform for sending referral web traffic in the long-term.

It is designed to enable you to create and maintain your own channel for sharing videos regarding imperative tutorials and other things relating to your business.

Sharing informative videos that teach people how to use your products or how to solve problems with your products on Youtube will help you stand out from your competitors. And it will attract more leads to your business.

21. Offer free software or access on your site

By offering an easy-to-use software tool on your site for free, you will build trust with your audience.

Also offering them limited free access to some features on your web apps helps them to try out your product and build their confidence in the services you are offering.

This strategy works like a magnet because after trying out these free tools and they are impressed, they will be eager to pay for the full or premium service.

When they have become a buying customer, and enjoy the solution you offer to their problems, they will be the ones to put the word out and refer more leads to you.

22. Incorporate Quiz on your blog

Quizzes are very useful in driving leads to your business in ways you haven’t yet imagined. They serve as a means for collecting very detailed information about your prospects and even existing customers.

Posting a quiz to your blog makes your content more engaging and attracts more attention from an online audience.

It serves as a means for your visitors to share their feedback about your blog and article, also they can share their true desires, needs, and factors that determine their purchasing decisions.

This will not only help you establish a stronger relationship with your prospects, it will also help you redesign your products to meet their needs and get more leads in the long term.

Top 10 Companies That Do Lead Generation In Australia

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Image Source: The Global Associates

1. TSA Group

TSA Group is a  group of CX services company owned by Australians. They work with global and local brands in revolutionizing the way they connect with Australians.

They achieve this through technology innovation, CX consulting, and outsourced contact center solutions.

TSA Group develops strategies to help brands engage with their customers in meaningful and uniquely Australian ways.

2. OneContact

OneContact is formerly known as Contact Centres Australia. This company delivers over 20 million conversations in Australia and New Zealand. In 14 years, OneContact has evolved with its team boasting more than 900 specialists.

They provide bespoke end-to-end communication programs. Everything they do is backed by robust processes and technology that’s been developed, tested, and refined. One Contact also provide QA services

3. MarketOne International

MarketOne is a global demand generation agency. We create and nurture leads, retain and grow customers, and give clients the confidence their marketing investments will produce quantifiable returns.

We excel in sectors where multiple decision-makers evaluate complex products over a long buying cycle. Using a blend of insight and automation, we connect conversations across channels and over time.

4. CallForce

CallForce is a telemarketing and appointment setting specialist that works for clients of all sizes across Australia.

Their services include Setting Appointment Setting, Cold Calling, Lead Generation, Telesales, Telemarketing, and Database Cleansing.

With their expert cold calling, appointment setting, telemarketing, and lead generation services, they can build a pipeline of prospects that will allow salespeople to close more sales in less time.

5. hammer jack

This company has an expert team that has successfully outsourced thousands of tasks, functions, and processes. Hammerjack has helped businesses to save millions of dollars through improvements in quality and efficiency.

6. Sykes

Sykes Enterprises is a global leading provider of multichannel demand generation & customer engagement services. They serve over 2000 companies and their end customers.

This company offers full life-cycle solutions and services such as digital marketing, sales expertise, technical support, customer service, and more through multichannel delivery platforms.

7. 24×7 Direct

24×7 direct is a telemarketing services provider and leading call center in Australia. The company aims to provide highly effective inbound telemarketing and outbound telemarketing services keeping the requirements of their clients in mind.

8. TelemarketingPower.com

TelemarketingPower.com is also a modern Call Centre that utilizes state of the art techniques and technologies to connect with new and existing customers.

9. LeadCallers

LeadCallers help provide marketers & businesses with improved campaign profitability by reaching leads much faster and by increasing the percentage of call qualified customers.

They also offer services that help clients and businesses eliminate under-utilized staffing costs via integrated lead-to-call automation technology, agent qualification, real-time performance reporting, and live transfer.

10. TMC

TMC known as The Message Centre is a business support services provider. They are specialists in handling Call Centre, data management, and telecommunication solutions for businesses and organizations.

They provide personalized service that facilitates high complexity call answering solutions that enhance your internal business and customer service processes. The services offered also include Complex live answer scripting, Lead generation, Debt collection, Bookkeeping, Market research, and Data entry.


Considering the rate of industrial prosperity and the remarkable growth of businesses in Australia. The competition is very high and every business owner has to come up with effective strategies in order to stand out among rivals.

This ultimately means that any company that wishes to stay on top has to utilize the most effective lead generation strategies too and the list of lead generation strategies discussed in this article will be of immense help.

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