In December 2020, Upwork released a shocking report saying that 41,8% of Americans are working remotely.

And by 2025, 22% of American workforce will keep working remotely. So our guess is this is the perfect time to develop your online workspace and network.

Probably this is your first time you think about working from home. Or you already worked on remote projects but still haven’t found the right lead generation opportunity. 

In this article, we will present you with the best platform out there for lead generation work from home jobs. In addition, we will help you decide if this decision is the best for you and give you crucial hacks to get you started.

Are you ready to apply for lead generation work from home jobs?

It’s surely difficult to let go of the traditional way of working. Our programming makes us consider that office work is the only environment to perform well in a job position.

However, this was not the case, and many realized that after the pandemic happened and made them work from home.

Even seniors and managers are getting used to the idea of remote working. In fact, 68% of managers said that working from home is getting easier.

In addition, 80% of business leaders agreed to let their employees work remotely even part time.

This means that your chances are getting higher by the second. Therefore, you need to consider, in detail, the steps you need to take and the benefits you want to have.

Decide the type of home jobs in lead generation work positions?

First thing to consider is whether you want to work full-time or take on some lead generation projects.

This is important because it will represent the first criteria in your job research. It will allow you to determine where you are going to find lead generation work from home.

Lead generation jobs are also countless, so you might need to decide what positions you are looking for. For example, are you looking for lead generation jobs in…:

  • Marketing (inbound or outbound)
  • Sales (B2B, B2C…)
  • Customer service

Or you just want to position yourself as a lead generation manager, specialist or expert.

Moreover, you need to think about your qualifications too, are you good in:

  • Copywriting
  • Content creation for social media
  • Landing page, CTAs, Forms development
  • Cold calling or emailing
  • Smart content and SEO
  • Data entry, analysis, CRM…

These are the metrics you need to consider before looking for a remote job. In most cases, if you are not qualified, this will have a negative effect on your image.

What are the benefits to expect from lead generation work from home jobs?

You might think, since you are working from home, this means getting paid less and working more hours.

However, it’s not really the case. Most remote jobs pay well because most company seniors and managers know that you will take your job seriously. 

In addition, you have the chance to negotiate the salary you are looking for during the interview or you can show your rates.

The benefits, however, can differ from a company or employer to another. Some of them will provide you with holiday bonuses, vacations, home office supplies and additional funds.

You can simply ask the recruiter in the interview from the benefits of the lead generation work from home jobs.

On certain platforms, if you are performing well in a job and getting as many hires as you can, you will surely have a higher rank among freelancers.

Which means referrals and networking is now easier with remote job opportunities!

What you should consider for your lead generation resume or profile?

By now, you surely searched for the best lead generation specialist resume or examples of lead generation resume. We got you covered! 

Check out the best examples and templates for lead generation resumes, plus some tips and hacks.

For remote lead generation work from home jobs, some platforms require building a profile which will be the substitute for a resume.

It doesn’t hurt to see how top freelancers built their accounts and try to get inspired to create yours.

Furthermore, the recruiter can ask you for a cover letter with your resume so you might tailor it according to the job position.

You should personalize your cover letter. Otherwise, how will you differentiate yourself from other candidates looking for remote work? 

Now, we know how important links are to SEO specialists, but did you know that they should be equally important for you? 

Include links in your resume or your cover letter, showcase the work you have done in lead generation. Or just share your professional profiles like Fiverr, Upwork or LinkedIn…

Recruiters will know your capabilities better this way. They can see what you are capable of and the added value you will bring to the company.

Now that you get everything set up, with a great resume, cover letter, and profile, it’s time to look for a lead generation remote job.

General platforms for lead generation work from home jobs:

1 Indeed


Indeed is an international job’s search engine, where you can find lead generation opportunities worldwide. It also became packed with remote jobs from all over the world.

This remote job platform is the home for a vast variety and types of industry. Even leaders and big companies are posting lead generation work from home opportunities on Indeed.

2 Glassdoor


If you are still a beginner to the idea of remote jobs, then this platform is for you. You can find endless lead generation opportunities, check out the salary suggestions, and read company reviews. It has an immense collection of remote jobs positions in lead generation since it collects every job offer out there.

3 CareerBuilder


In case you are looking for remote freelance contracts in lead generation, CareerBuilder is an online employment website that gives you lots of options. This site shows many companies switching to remote work.

4 Skip the Drive


The best thing about this platform is that it lets you filter your research for lead generation remote jobs. Options are endless on this platform too, and you can save the most relevant ones to you and apply for them later.

5 SimplyHired

lead generation work from home jobs

Simply Hired is also a job search engine collecting opportunities from different industries and from all over the world. And in case you didn’t know, it is the publishing partner of Indeed. Which means wider and broader results.

6 FlexJobs

lead generation work from home jobs

Advertised as a platform proposing remote jobs. FlexJobs serves a broader niche audience of job seekers who want flexible hours and looking for freelance projects. After all the problems they had before with scams, they came up with a plan to monitor job offerings. So they can protect the freelancers when they apply for a job online on this platform

7 JustRemote

The best thing about JustRemote is that you can find different jobs related to lead generation. We can mention some of them, like:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Customer service…

You can literally find any job position you are looking for with plenty of opportunities and offers on the plate. 

The most interesting thing about the platform is that it keeps an eye on the market for all relevant job opportunities that answer to your needs.

Meaning you can pay for a subscription and you can find your lead generation’s best remote job for only $12 a month. It’s like a newsletter for jobs.

8 Hubstaff talent

Bubbstaff talent is a growing platform for remote jobs. You might end up confusing the talent platform with the hubstaff time tracking and productivity tool. So make sure to add talent to Hubstaff or just click the link above.

Job seekers can look for a job using keywords and adjusting their preference with the filter. They require you to have a profile for this platform and then shortly you will have access to job postings with hourly rates. 

It also covers a lot of industries and has various remote job opportunities in lead generation. 

9 Workew

This platform essentially wanted to offer job opportunities for digital nomads so they can live their dream life. But it gradually became a place for networking. 

You can sign up to the website and look for jobs or sign up to their slack workplace to connect with job seekers and employers too. 

Either way, if you don’t have enough budget or want to try out freelancing first before investing in it. This is the best place for you!


Finishing our long list with LinkedIn. LinkedIn has over 480 million subscribers with 260 million users active every month. 

This means that even though it’s not a sophisticated job search engine, the number of professionals and seniors is enormous. 

Therefore, you have the possibility to connect and engage with them. Also, you can look for remote lead generation jobs on this social media platform. 

Anyway, it’s free, home of international and big companies, with endless job possibilities.

Freelance Platforms for lead generation work from home jobs:

1 Upwork

LeadFuze’s favorite marketplace for talents and serious job seekers. We’re sure even if you are new to the freelance world, you must have heard before about Upwork. 

In recent years, Upwork’s circle has expanded since it gives freelancers and employers several advantages. 

It has all the options needed for job research from keywords to filters to various options in lead generation. Moreover, it has multiple other features like:

  • Account verification
  • Badges for Top rated, Rising talent…
  • Hour rates negotiation before interview
  • Asking questions before interview to facilitate recruitment
  • Client and freelancer reviews
  • Payment on the platform
  • Verified payment method detection

And plenty of other features that made it the leading platform for online gigs. However, you might need to pay for “connects” in case you wanted to apply for jobs. 

In addition, Upwork will take a 20% share from every project you will have as a commission, but it’s worth it. This is the best platform to find lead generation freelance opportunities.

2 Freelancer

Freelancer is a platform that has a vast variety of remote jobs, including jobs in lead generation. You can find part-time, full-time or freelance gigs on the website, depending on what you need.

Just like Upwork, you will have to pay a fee to apply for jobs after your free trial. Always choose carefully before applying and make sure that your profile is perfect for the job. 

3 PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is the marketplace for small businesses and freelancers. It’s not like the other platforms, here you can suggest your services as projects and put them on sale. 

The recruiters, if they like the offer, they will hire you for your services. Here it will depend on the price and how many of that project you sold.

But you can propose a project in lead generation or even search for opportunities, it’s totally up to you.

4 Guru

This easy-to-use platform is expanding with over than 3 million freelancer offering their services in:

  • Programming & development
  • Writing & translation
  • Design & Art
  • Administrative & secretarial
  • Sales & Marketing… 

And many more.

Guru is more client focused than member focused. It serves as a company search engine for freelancers.

So if you have an exquisite and astonishing portfolio in lead generation, then this is the platform for you.

5 Fiverr

It’s an online marketplace for freelance services. It is commonly known as the platform used by graphic designers, but the area of expertise expanded. 

Now you can set up a lead generation specialist profile and get offers for your services.   

This platform is the greatest for portfolio development if you’ve just started out as a freelancer. It never hurts to try out different platforms.

Other ways to find remote lead generation jobs:

Secured platforms usually require paid subscription, or get very high commissions. So you might not be able to keep up. 

Furthermore, if you use the general sites for remote work, you might end up not getting paid most of the time. Or just unable to find the lead generation work from home job you wanted. 

For these reasons, we wanted to share with you a couple of ideas on how to find remote jobs online. 

Networking never disappoints:

Well, the person you know is better than the person you don’t. For this reason, ask the people you already know for gigs. 

Whether they are clients you worked with before or your friend who just started a small startup. Everything is possible if you go outside the box. Here is a list of where else you can find connections:

  • Linkedin 
  • Twitter and direct messages
  • Facebook private messages
  • Email contact list (for previous clients)
  • Slack channels (like we previously mentioned the workew slack channel)

Prepare a list of contacts and send them a small message letting them know that you are looking for a remote job in lead generation. 

Although you are not guaranteed to get an immediate response. However, if you hear the word “send us your resume” that means there is a job for you.

Google always saves us:

Surely you know how important keywords are in your Google research. And if you type “remote jobs in lead generation” you will find the top ranked results for your research.

In addition, if you set up your position just like we advised above, you can add it to the research bar along with the industry you want.

Sometimes the website shows the type of remote job position you want to apply for but the results are outdated. Here comes the power of Google to display the recent results with the right manipulations.

Turn on the notifications:

Some of the platforms we suggested have the options to:

  • Sign up to newsletters to get the latest job positions
  • LinkedIn alerts
  • Twitter notifications
  • App notification 
  • Email subscription

With these options, you will increase your chance of finding the job you want since you will be up to date to the latest job proposals.

Use hashtags and mention:

A lot of you don’t know, but most of the companies on LinkedIn, especially in the B2B, are replying to their clients and engaging. 

Not only to their clients, but also to their teams and even job seekers! This is probably the best time to realize the power of hashtag and mentions on LinkedIn.

Even Twitter, if a president is susceptible to respond on Twitter than I guess, even companies are too.

Put yourself out there and you will surely get something back.

Finding remote positions with Twitter’s advanced search

Perfect start for a lead generation work from home experience:

Again, in the beginning, we discussed how you can easily secure a remote job in lead generation. That you should make the best out of your resume, cover letter, profile and even portfolio.

However, there are multiple hacks you need to know before stepping in the freelance and remote world of lead generation.

Be ready to interview the recruiter

If you are to work in an office, you will know about the job environment from day 1. However remotely, you can never tell. That’s why you can ask about them:

  • Location
  • Business
  • Project length 
  • The member involved
  • The payment procedure

In addition to questions that will depend on your lead generation job requirements.

Don’t forget to take notes:

The online interview is never like the in-person one. You will have connection problems and unpredictable distractions.

Probably the recruiter will get comfortable and then start giving important information about the business.

Rather than asking questions that you should have had the answer to, take notes!

Remember what the job description has, remember what you wrote in your cover letter and take notes of the interview.

Furthermore, some platforms like Upwork offer the possibility for clients to ask questions before an interview. This is quite common!

Therefore, you need to save the answers in a folder and name it after the company you applied for.

Let’s avoid falling for a scam:

Most of the platforms don’t mention their company’s details, even the name of the company is not on the page.

Well, in this case you have no option but to email or send a message asking for their information. 

Once you have the name of the company, Google it! 

Find out about their social media platforms and see how well they are doing? How often are they present? How do clients feel about the company?

Now that you collected all information and you need that, the job offer will please your demands.

Then you should ask yourself, if you can trust this person enough to wait for him to pay. Or they are unlikely to pay, which means you need to ask for an upfront payment. 

Never give your credit card info, even if the person you never met asks. If you don’t have a contract giving you the chance to prove the other person scammed you, there is nothing to do.

The best way to protect yourself is by setting up a Paypal account, since it’s the safest way to get paid.

No matter how high or lower the payment is, don’t lower your guards!

Now you can look for a lead generation work from home jobs

Gradually the world is changing and evolving. What used to be the normal way of doing things became traditional and outdated. 

Remote jobs are the alternative way of doing things since they offer some flexibility and to others a work-life balance

Even lead generation work from home jobs are not that much available, but they are gradually increasing. Companies all over the world need lead generation experts now more than ever.

For this reason, you need to start building your portfolio and be among the top rated and top paid lead generation experts online.

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