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sales podcasts

Best Sales Podcasts: An Ultimate List of 100+ Must-Listens

The Best Sales Podcasts for You This 2021 The ability to listen to an almost inexhaustible supply of training, case studies, and applicable tips via …

psychology of sales

Psychology of Sales: 9 Ways to Master Selling via Email

Understanding the Psychology of Sales and Why People Buy Can Be Your Unfair Advantage. Simply put, understanding the psychology of sales can lead you to …

overcoming objections in sales

Overcoming Objections in Sales: 5 Steps to Close Deals Easily

Make Overcoming Objections in Sales as Your Primary Goal in Every Sales Conversation Overcoming objections in sales is critical for you to have success in …

How to Hire a Salesperson

Hiring a Salesperson – Where and What to Look for + Step-By-Step Process

Why It’s Crucial to Hire the Right Salespeople Hiring your first salesperson is a great milestone for any business. It is also nerve-wracking. You are …

how to be a good salesperson

How to Be a Good Salesperson: 10 ‘Secrets’ of Champion Salespeople

What Makes a Good Salesperson? Every time we hire new reps, the ones we want are the ones that want training, the ones who are …

how to make small talk

How to Make Small Talk: 3 Valuable Tips for Salespeople [2022 Update]

What is Small Talk? Small talk are light informal conversations you make with people you are not well-acquainted with to lighten the mood before talking …

buying patterns

Buying Patterns: 3 Helpful Ways to Respond to Buyer Priorities

Understand the Customer’s Buying Patterns Salespeople sometimes find the buying patterns of buyers to be quite baffling. Why all these questions? Why not make a …

best sales blogs

Best Sales Blogs: The Ultimate List of 55+ (Recently Updated!)

We have prepared the roundup of the best sales blogs just for you! Every link has been tested, every post suggested for you to read …

sales closing techniques

4 Powerful Sales Closing Techniques to Get More Sales

What are Sales Closing Techniques Sales closing techniques are the skills sales professionals use to close more deals. These different types of sales closing can …

how to close a sales deal

How to Close a Sales Deal: The ‘Secret’ Techniques of Top Salespeople

How to Close a Sales Deal – The Secrets of Top Salesmen Salespeople who close more deals compared to their colleagues have a few common …

best sales questions to ask on a sales call

46 Best Sales Questions to Ask on a Sales Call

How to Collect Prospects Before Making Sales Calls Before knowing the sales questions to ask on a sales call and before you do it, you …

sales strategy

Sales Strategy: 6 Steps to Increase Conversion Rates

What is a Sales Strategy? A sales strategy is a process or a plan to achieve sales goals. Sales strategies are often based on the …

Client onboarding

Client Onboarding Process: Free Checklist for Service Providers

Grab our checklist for your New Product Launch Marketing Plan’s Client Onboarding Process Client onboarding can be fun and stressful at the same time. You …

Overcoming sales objections

Overcoming Sales Objections: 9 Guaranteed Winning Strategies

9 Overcoming Sales Objections Strategies for Getting Your New Product Launch Marketing Plan on Track Getting leads to respond to your emails or talk to …

sales role play

5 Best Sales Role Play Scenarios to Train Your New Hires

What Is a Sales Role Play? A sales role play is a tool for developing and coaching your sales team. It uses situations that closely …

how to handle an angry customer

How to Handle an Angry Customer: 12 Free Cool Tips

Why Customers Get Angry You are learning how to handle an angry customer because you know how quickly the spat could escalate. If you could, …

Email Response

Email Response: 3 Reactions You Should Avoid

We always talk about needing to send follow-ups in your cold outreach. Sending 4-6 messages in a sequence maximizes your email response. We spend a …

sales proposal

Sales Proposal: Free 4-Step Checklist to Close Deals Fast

Love it or hate it, a sales proposal is a critical part of every successful deal. Although some salespeople consider it a waste of time, …

sales velocity

Sales Velocity: 7 Levers That Influence Pipeline Speed

What is Sales Velocity? We have to begin by giving a sales velocity definition. Essentially Sales Velocity is the speed at which leads and opportunities …

how to handle sales rejection

How to Handle Sales Rejection: 5 Lessons From a Door-to-Door Marketer

5 Tips On How To Handle Sales Rejection As a salesperson, you are not going to close every sale. Whether you are politely turned away …

sales hiring

Sales Hiring Process: 7 Steps to Follow When Hiring Sales Reps

Without an effective sales hiring process, you’re going to churn through rep after rep. The actual hiring of your reps should fit into your entire …

social media selling

Smart Social Media Selling: Breaking Down 3 Barriers That Affect Your Sales

Include Social Media Selling in Your New Product Launch Marketing Plan Social media selling has emerged as an increasingly popular concept in the modern sales …

Sales Discovery Call

Sales Discovery Call: 5 Ways for Its Successful Execution

Sales Discovery Calls should be part of the new product launch marketing plan. The point of a sales discovery call is exactly that: to discover. …

pricing strategies

5 Pricing Strategies Every Sales Proposal Should Use

What is a Pricing Strategy? Pricing strategies don’t just come down to what you charge, it can come down to how you present your prices. …

Cold Calling Techniques

Cold Calling Techniques: 12 Tips to Achieve Better Outcomes

What is Cold Calling? Cold calling techniques are used to make contact with potential customers by phone. The art of cold calling is still an …

sales opportunities

Sales Opportunities: 3 Ways to Identify When Leads are Ready to Close

What is a Sales Opportunity? Sales opportunities are different prospects who are deemed to have the potential to become customers and have an interest in …

sales compensation plans

4 Sales Compensation Plans and Ways To Create Yours

What is a Sales Compensation Plan?  A sales compensation plan is mainly the payment package or scheme of sales department staff. Meaning, what compensation structure …

Warm Calling

Warm Calling: 5 Tips for Improved Phone Prospecting

What is Warm Calling? Warm calling is a form of prospecting that focuses on reaching out to those who have already expressed interest in your …

scarcity examples

8 Scarcity Examples to Get Better B2B Sales

What are B2B Scarcity Examples B2B scarcity examples are a powerful way to get your prospective customers’ attention. In marketing, scarcity examples are sometimes used …

tough sell

Tough Sell: 5 Best Tips for Selling When No One is Buying

What is a Tough Sell A tough sell is a sales situation where the customer is either not in a position to purchase, or has …