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building customer relationships

Building Customer Relationships With Your Prospects On Social Media

More and more brands try to figure out why customers prefer to do business with and purchase items from one company or store rather than …

how to get customer testimonials

Requesting Customer Testimonials – 7 Actionable Steps [Updated for 2023]

That’s why social proof like customer testimonials is so important. In fact, customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics. …

Sales Navigator Vs LeadFuze

LinkedIn vs LeadFuze for Sales and Recruiting

It’s no doubt that LinkedIn is useful in both the recruiting and sales process. LinkedIn’s “Sales Navigator” is LinkedIn’s tool for individuals and B2B sales …

effective marketing

12 of Our Most Effective Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Sales

According to the State of Inbound 2018 report, selling is the aspect that most companies prioritize. 69% of the respondents identified “converting contacts/leads to customers” as …

b2b saas sales

B2B SaaS Sales 101: An Intro into the Tools Needed Today for Software Companies

Sales may not be the world’s oldest profession. But it’s certainly in the running. And few technological innovations, barring the telephone and the internet, have the …

outreach plan

How to Build a Successful 7-Day Outreach Plan

With so many brands trying to stand out and make an impact, it’s up to you to show prospects why your business is the one …

word of mouth marketing

How Word of Mouth Marketing can be a Scalable Channel

In fact, statistics show that word of mouth marketing and peer to peer marketing are a huge driver in growth. 61% of people have recommended a …

sales crm

Getting the Most out of Your Sales CRM [10 Ways]

A lot of people now store contact information and other essentials in their smartphones and other devices, saving room and hassle. However, there are much …


Lead Generation Techniques for Attracting New Users

The business universe has become so overwhelming that it requires a lot of work and investments just to reach the targeted prospects and present them …


Conquering Cold Calling Anxiety for Sales Reps

Even experienced sales reps can get a little cold calling anxiety. And yet, phone acumen is ironically, paradoxically more valuable than ever. The reasons for …

salesperson skills

Five Key Salesperson Skills Reps Need to Hit Their Numbers

Many traditional sales techniques that have worked in the past are turning out to be ineffective due to technology taking over the process. No need …

employee engagement quiz

Using an Employee Engagement Quiz to Gauge Sales Team’s Performance

To all those thoughtful sales leaders out there, ponder on these quiz questions: “How do you use data to drive better future decisions?” “How do …

unlimited sales leads

How to Generate Sales Leads and Unlock Unlimited Growth

How much is enough? When it comes to sales leads and prospects, the answer is: you can never have enough. Growing and expanding your business …

CONTINUE READING connect Alternative Now that it’s Shutting Down

On May 3rd 2019, it will be the end of an era., which started by the name of Jigsaw — will be shutting down …


8 of The Best Social Media Marketing Tips We’ve Got

Many companies have realized that using social media marketing results in higher conversion rates than traditional marketing. The following are 8 of the best social …

Hire sales reps

How to Find, Hire, and Retain All-Star Sales Reps

What does it take to close a sales deal? Better yet, what does it take to retain a customer for the long haul? It’s really …

B2B Network

Have a B2B Network? Your Digital Marketing Agency is Doomed if Not

Who doesn’t want to ditch the 9-to-5 and work in their pajamas? After all, everything is digital, right? Hence the digital in digital marketing agency. …

long-form content

6 Steps to Create Long-Form Content With Less Time and Effort

After introducing its Panda algorithm update, Google encouraged webmasters to focus on its quality and value from a user’s perspective. Thus, long-form content came into …

peer to peer marketing

How to Create a Peer to Peer Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps

What is Peer to Peer Marketing (P2P) Peer to peer marketing is the idea that you can help drive your sales by leveraging the power …

IoT Revolution

The Internet of Sales: How the IoT Revolution Will Change the Way You Sell

We’re seeing a remarkable transformation in sales, not only as a forward leap into the modern age but also as a major shift in customer …

bad sales calls

No More Bad Sales Calls [7 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid]

The toughest part of sales is getting on the phone with a prospect for the first time. Even worse — having bad sales calls. Whether …

email open rates

Email Open Rates and Responses Bad? Build a Relationship With Your List

How many times have you received an email from a company and completely ignored it? If you’re not actively working to keep subscriber attention, email …

sales quota definition

Sales Quota Definition: What It Is (and 3 Resources to Help Hit Yours)

Here’s a great resource for new sales reps including a sales quota definition and detailed explanations about all things related to sales targets. LeadFuze has …

sales email template

7 Copywriting Principles to Test in Campaigns (+ Sales Email Template)

Here are 7 copywriting principles and a sales email template for each. Use these to test and improve your outreach. The typical business professional receives …

click through rate

Click Through Rate (CTR): Guide to Understand and Improve Email Performance

It’s been a while since we’ve written on specific terms in the sales world. So, we decided to dust off the old sales terminology category …

google alerts

How Google Alerts Can Help Increase Your Sales [Examples Included]

Google Alerts is often used for brand monitoring, but have you thought about using it as a sales tool? Google Alerts have become incredibly popular …


How a Chatbot Can Help Lead Customers Through the Sales Funnel

The sales funnel — the process potential customers go through when making buying decisions — has played an integral part of marketing and sales for …

workflow management

11 Email-Based Workflow Management Techniques for B2Bs

Email can be a powerful tool to push people through different workflows. Here are some ideas from Gloria Knapp. Do you have a mailing list …

test email

50+ Split Test Ideas for A/B Testing Your Cold Email Campaigns

There are two rules when it comes to split testing emails. You should ALWAYS be testing something (never send one version of an email). And …

email signature examples

Email Signature Examples to Help You Stand Out (and Stay Legal)

Following these email signature examples and strategies can lead to more positive responses from your email sends. Having a professional email signature is kind of …