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monthly revenue report

Monthly Revenue Report for May 2015

May was a good month for our little business. We added nearly $4k/mo in MRR as I was able to put a heavy focus on …

lead nurturing campaign

The Ultimate Guide to a Kickass Lead Nurturing Campaign

An effective lead nurturing campaign has landed us deals that were over a year old! Does your business have a lead nurturing campaign? Every business …

How to Validate Your Business Idea

How to Validate Your Business Idea with Cold Email Outreach

Understanding how to validate your business idea before you go to far can save you a lot of heartache and frustration. The days of “If …

cold email templates

Cold Email Templates that are Proven to Work

Cold email templates can become outdated pretty quickly, but here are some that still work! Cold emailing is a hugely effective, yet pretty underutilized contemporary …

Revenue Report

From Idea to 6 Figure Run Rate in 90 Days – Here are the Details

In January, we shared our 30 day revenue report. Then last month we gave an update on customers and revenue after 60 days. Today, I’m …

outsourced lead generation

Outsourced Lead Generation: Does it Make Sense for Your Business?

Outsourced lead generation, when done properly, can add a new revenue producing channel. A lot of businesses live and die by lead generation. Generating interest about …

email outreach

Email Outreach: 5 Ways to Go From Cold to Conversation

The best thing about email outreach as a lead generation strategy, is you can target exactly who you want! Cold email outreach can get a …

Revenue Report

60 Days Since Launch, Here’s Our Revenue Report

Last month I shared with you our first month’s revenue report. To continue the transparency, I’m planning on providing a monthly series that dives into …

cold sales email

7 Cold Sales Email Trust Building Tactics (Example Included!)

If you don’t give any sort of trust indicators, your cold sales email will fall on deaf ears. When it comes to cold sales email …

Path to Profits

Path to Profits: From Idea to $1,100/mo Revenue in 30 Days

Please note, this blog series is something we stopped doing in 2015. Welcome to a new series I’m calling Path to Profits where I document …

cold calls

Cold Calls Suck So I Used Cold Email Outreach to Grow a 7 Figure Business

I quickly learned that cold calls suck, so I used cold email instead when growing my agency to 7 figures. Back in 2008 I started …

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